As a global player in website development industry, Kwera Codes’s reputation thrives on their ability to innovate and adapt to market trends.

To that end, the Tour and Travel Agency “Friendly Gorillas Safaris” was seeking a relevant, in-depth and effective professional web designer to best represent their services online.

Friendly Gorillas Safaris
Tour and travel
Web application development


As Head of Kwera Codes, providing cutting adge
web design to best represent the services of Friendly Gorillas Safaris proved to be a challenge. We however coluborated with Friendly Gorillas Safaris Stuff and provided them the best design.


Kwera Codes realized early on that Friendly Gorillas Safaris is a company that wants to set the pace, not just keep up with it. They didn’t just want a foundation to their digital presence, they also wanted to train their staff to be up-to-date and current in their knowledge and skills in regards to using there website, so they could anticipate what their customers would want.


The Kwera Codes team then worked with Friendly Gorillas Safaris team to integrate core modules and content into their website to make it easy for their global workforce to work wherever they were, and whenever it suited.